Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Proposal: James & Blueberry

Project Description:
1.  Teach children using puppets.
2.  Teach children how to follow Christ by demonstrating how to apply biblical teachings in visual and entertaining ways. Our goal is to incorporate one of the structures on campus to create interest in not only the videos and website, but the actually church itself. 
3.   Timeline
·      Due Week 4: Redesigned Site built in HTML5
·      Due Week 5: Interaction functionality implemented
·      Due Week 6: Polish loose ends
·      Due Week 7: Dance and celebrate
4.   Videos will be fresh and targeted for today’s generation of children who have, for the most part, left the borders of Sesame Street toward higher level learning.
5.   Children ages 5-8 years old.
6.  Survey Results
Children find puppets amusing, and because so, they pay attention to what the puppet is doing or saying and in turn they retain the knowledge learned. 

Using Puppets Effectively for Kids Ministry

Puppets are a big part of many children's ministries around the world because the can be so effective at entertaining and educating children. Puppets can be a big help to ministry workers that are facing significant challenges in their efforts to minister to kids.

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1 Comment Home > Education > K-12 Learning > Elementary Education The Use of Puppets in the Early Childhood Classroom Read more: http://www.brighthub.com/education/k-12/articles/7976.aspx#ixzz1TEsWo4K6

Preschool and PreKindergarten children love to be entertained with puppets.